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BUNGKING is an artist who specializes in creating fan art for popular Cardano NFT projects. With a passion for building and supporting the Cardano NFT ecosystem, he puts his creative skills to use in order to showcase his love for these projects and bring attention to their unique features. His work is highly valued by the Cardano community and he takes great joy in knowing that his creations are appreciated

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NEW DoodleBois

Artwork by BNGJS ( Bangjos ) . 1/1 Unique Handrawn Pfp Not generate, Drawing Every Day ! I love Doodle Art, and this doodlebois is my doodle art, if you buy this, it means I love you.

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Illustrations & Art by HenryTG

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Spirit Guard - Hydra


Aftermath is set a set composed of 17 original 5k resolution 9:16 artworks evoking scenes of a post-apocalyptic world with its lights and shadows. In this set there is mayhem, despair, solitude and darkness, but also serenity, hope, love and light.

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9. Resignation

Sma11world Originals

Unique and rare artworks by sma11world. This is not an IP project. These are original models of my nostalgic childhood and are nothing more than my first original images on Cardano and proceeds go to supporting my career in web3. I have no affiliation with these companies, its just like my dope art.

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Introducing Jet's debut NFT collection "Style", featuring one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by street art. Each NFT in the collection showcases Jet's distinct style and artistic vision, merging the traditional world of art with the modern world of crypto. Join the #cnftstreetart movement and add a touch of edge to your digital art collection with Jet's "Style" NFTs.

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Beer Can


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king of lobsters


This is a collection of Real Abstract and Digital NFT Artworks by JP ODonnell ( iPaint)

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Way Out - biko

The Biko NFT collection explores the concept of perception and reality, asking the question "Do we see things as they are or do we impose our own interpretation?" It's a thought-provoking examination of the way we perceive the world and the ways in which our beliefs and emotions shape our understanding. The collection is a journey through the complexities of the human mind and the ever-changing nature of reality

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Migrating Sand


1:1 illustration with punk theme and pop visual, provided by Diaryzdotama.

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Dilliats, where creative moments become history!

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War and Pain

Precoffee Abstracts 23

ChaosColony psyArt pieces support psychedelic research via a 10% maps.org donation, decentralisation by encouraging single stake pool delegation, and the explorative use of psychedelics. Precoffee Abstracts are daily explorations of abstraction prior to caffeination. This continues the work.

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Visual Energy

In religion we call it spirits. In science we call it energy. In the street we call it vibes. All I'm saying is trust it.✧ ✦Energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form to another. I've converted thought form energy to visual digital art form.

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✧Visual Energy✧ #15